Harley Marine New York

Harley Marine NY, Inc. (HMNY) provides tug and barge service in New York Harbor. Harley Marine NY is a subsidiary of Harley Marine Services - a company that has been offering bunkering, oil terminal moves, coastal petroleum transportation, ship assist and escort, and general contract towing since 1987.

Harley Marine NY will meet all challenges to be your best partner in the maritime industry. Harley Marine NY uses state-of-the-art vessels including three double hull barges and two tugs. The company has brought along the best Captains and Tankermen with vast local knowledge and experience and is always pursuing new talent. Harley Marine NY has also been backed by a great customer service group and other related infrastructure support to provide Harley Marine Class bunkering and towing service to New York Harbor. In addition, Harley Marine NY's 24-hour dispatchers work very closely with harbor pilots, government agencies, and ship agents to ensure safe, on time service and to eliminate unnecessary costs.

Harley Marine NY has extensive safety programs and systems to ensure a safe environment for the care and custody of cargo. Harley Marine Services, Inc. is a founding member of the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program and a certified ISM/ISO 9001:2000 company. Harley Marine Services Safety and Training Programs are audited and accepted by major oil companies. Harley Marine Services is the only tug and barge company insured by UK P&I Club. Although Harley Marine NY's policies exceed state and federal requirements, the company is constantly looking for better, safer ways to transport petroleum and other cargoes.

Barge List & Pictures

Barge Name Region GRT LOA Beam Built Capacity (BBLS.) Pictures Spec Sheet
Bryant Sea New York 1676 308 54 2006 26,000
Chabria Sea New York 2235 308 54 2006 29,500
Chrestensen Sea New York 2235 308 54 2006 29,500
Gruber Sea New York 1676 308 54 2006 27,500
HMS 2605 New York 1740 263 54 2005 22,900
HMS 2606 New York 1740 295 54 2007 24,800
HMS 2607 New York 1741 275 54 2010 19,465
Jackson Eades New York 1616 297.5 54 2012 26,787
Long Island New York 4887 350 70 2006 62,982
Loren Eades New York 1616 297.5 54 2013 26,785
Richardson Sea New York 2235 308 54 2006 29,500
Stoddard Sea New York 2132 308 54 2006 29,500
Takeuchi Sea New York 2099 356 54 2007 35,458

Tug List & Pictures

Tug Name Region Service Class HP Type LOA Beam Pictures Spec Sheet
Andrea New York Coastal 3000 Triple Screw 92.2 30
CF Campbell New York Coastal 4000 Conv. T/S 100.2 31.2
Dr. Milton Waner New York Coastal 2000 Twin Screw 92 30
Ernest Campbell New York Ocean 3000 Conv. T/S 107 32
HMS Justice New York Inland 2000 Conv. Pusher 75 30
HMS Liberty New York Coastal 2400 Conv. T/S 78 26
Lightning New York Inland 2000 Conv. Pusher 75 29.75
St. Andrews New York Harbor 2000 Conv. T/S 73.5 24.3