Westoil Marine Services


JOB TITLE: Tank Barge Operator

LOCATION: LA / Long Beach, CA



Responsible for the safe and efficient transfer of petroleum products between barges, ships, and facilities including completion of bills of lading and gauge reports. The job responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following: cargo pumps, operate tank/pipeline valves, operate manual and hydraulic booms. Communicate with foreign crews and oil facility personnel. Adjust and secure barge lines. Complete loading and discharge gauge reports. Load 55 gallon drums. Inspect vessel for Coast Guard and state regulatory compliance.



The job responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

-Must have physical ability to maneuver cargo hoses, handle barge lines and board vessels by use of an accommodation ladder, Jacob’s ladder or tugboat.

-Must possess good communication skills by voice and/or visual hand signals.

-Ability to do accurate paperwork. Knowledge of basic arithmetic skills (add, subtract, multiply, and divide).

-Knowledge of Coast Guard and state requirements for transfer operations.

-Knowledge of company safety practices

-Must be able to read, speak, and understand English over telephone and/or radio.

-Must be able to perform the functions and possess the stamina to work long hours.

-Ability to think and respond quickly to emergency situations (oil spills, mechanical failures, etc.).

-Ability to be self-motivated.

-Ability to maintain professional relations with customers.

-Ability to check oil and water in any equipment on board before putting in use.

-Ability to do general barge maintenance and cleanliness.

-Ability to test hydrostatic cargo hoses and piping.

-Ability to change engine oil and filters.

-Ability to splice barge lines and boom running gear.



Air purifying respirator, Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), air monitoring equipment, hearing protection, VHF radio, hand tools, tow lines, high level alarms and thermometer.

Operates diesel engines, cargo pumps, hydraulic booms, cargo gear, gate valves, and butterfly valves.



-Must be able to work independently and without direct supervision.

-Exposure to all weather conditions (rain, ice, snow, heat, wind, heavy seas, etc.)

-Ability to adapt to a variety of schedules and hours

-Able to work weekends, holidays, and at night. Willing to take call outs.

-Must not be afraid of heights.

-Valid state driver’s license.



Previous experience as a tank barge operator on oil barges required.



Must have a valid Coast Guard Merchant Mariners Document with Tankerman endorsement.

Must have a valid first aid certificate.

Must have CPR training.

Complete HAZWOPER training within 90 days of hire.

Participate in onboard drills with tug crews when job permits.



Check oil and water in any equipment on board before putting in use.

General barge maintenance and cleanliness.

Hydrostatic testing of cargo hoses and piping.

Change engine oil and filters.

Splice barge lines and boom running gear.