Millennium Maritime

Millennium Maritime operates a state of the art fleet of tugboats in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbors. The company has established itself as a stabilizing force in the ever so competitive LA/LB ship assist market. Boasting the highest average bollard pull per tug, the Millennium fleet has proven to be efficient and dependable for customers and port pilots.

The Millennium fleet of vessels is fitted with the latest in deck gear, electronics, and navigation equipment to meet federal and state regulatory standards and to meet or exceed the industry standards of the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program. Millennium's professional operators and deck crews are the finest and most experienced in the harbor.

Barge List & Pictures

Barge Name Region GRT LOA Beam Built Capacity (BBLS.) Pictures Spec Sheet
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Tug List & Pictures

Tug Name Region Service Class HP Type LOA Beam Pictures Spec Sheet
John Quigg Los Angeles Harbor 4800 ASD Tractor 76.3 32
Lela Franco Los Angeles Ocean 5150 ASD Tractor 80 36
Millennium Maverick Los Angeles Harbor 4300 ASD Tractor 92 38
Robert Franco Los Angeles Ocean 6830 Tractor 103.9 40
Tim Quigg Los Angeles Harbor 4500 ASD Tractor 76.3 32