Public Service Marine

For more than twenty-five years, Public Service Marine, Inc. (PSMI) has been the exclusive shipper for Ellwood crude out of VENOCO's Ellwood Marine Terminal in Santa Barbara County, CA. This terminal handles 100% of the crude oil produced by VENOCO's platform Holly, located offshore from Goleta, California. This production from platform Holly is transported to refineries in San Francisco and Los Angeles, ensuring PSMI's ability to satisfy the transportation needs of multiple companies.

The primary reason for PSMI's success in meeting the industry's needs is its ability to respond to an increasingly stringent regulatory environment. Both Public Service Marine, Inc. and its parent company, Harley Marine Services, are fully committed to serving the petroleum industry's needs in complying with these requirements.

Since its introduction in 1979, the barge Jovalan has transported over 100 million barrels of petroleum on the West Coast. And although she is being retired from service in 2011, the Olympic Spirit barge will continue her legacy at Ellwood and on the West Coast.

Both barges are fitted with on-board vapor recovery systems. These unique systems are approved by the U.S. Coast Guard and are consistent with the safety standards recommended to the Coast Guard by the Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee (CTAC). Public Service Marine, Inc. has over 29 years of experience in offshore mooring work, ship lightering at anchorage and coastal movements of petroleum products on the West Coast.

Currently, Olympic Tug and Barge, Inc. operates the Olympic Spirit in servicing the Ellwood Sea Mooring and continues the legacy and spirit that Public Service Marine, Inc. started more than 30 years ago.

The PSMI Vapor Recovery System Serves You Best Because:
  • It is a self-contained unit.
  • It is operated by trained and qualified personnel.
  • It is on an appropriately sized barge.
  • The US Coast Guard and the Air Quality regulatory agencies approve it.
  • Requires only one resource from the terminal or vessel - "Permission to load."
Public Service Marine, Inc. continues to exceed customer expectations in providing quality marine services on the West Coast.

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