Pacific Terminal Services

Pacific Terminal Services (PTSI) is a terminal management company with operating offices in Portland, Oregon. Our staff includes personnel that are highly skilled in worldwide terminal operations. PTSI currently manages and operates one marine petroleum terminal for Chevron Marine Products.

The terminal is involved in the receiving, storing, blending, and shipping of marine and industrial fuels. PTSI is positioned for growth and diversification focusing on coastwise marine terminals, liquid and dry bulk logistics, and related marine services. We implement the proper environmental safety and regulatory procedures in all aspects of our operation. The terminal is fully equipped with a boom boat and Spill-Response trained personnel, as safety and environmental responsibility continue to be a top priority for PTSI.

In a mature industry with an ever-shrinking customer base and solid regulatory environment, PTSI has enjoyed success during its first years of operation and continues to thrive. This success has been mainly achieved by listening to the customer's needs and desires and offering a timely, safe and cost effective method in delivering the products and services requested. PTSI continues to deliver consistent, outstanding service for each and every one of our customers.

Our unwavering dedication to ensure we safely accommodate the needs of our customers continues to keep us heads above our competitors.