Starlight Marine Services

Starlight operates a fleet of state of the art tugs in the San Francisco Harbor. The company is establishing itself in the competitive S/F Bay ship assist market. The Starlight fleet is proving to be efficient and dependable for customers and port pilots.

Starlight vessels are fitted with the latest in deck gear, electronics, and navigation equipment to meet federal and state regulatory standards and to meet or exceed the industry standards of the American Waterways Operators Responsible Carrier Program. Starlight's professional operators and deck crews are among the finest and most experienced in the harbor. Safety for employees and protection of the environment is always number one at Starlight. The company has extensive safety programs and systems that ensure a safe environment for the care and custody of cargo.

Starlight specializes in the bunkering and dirty petroleum transportation business and is fully committed to obtaining 100% customer satisfaction. Starlight is there to do the job right the first time, every time. This includes job planning, pricing, operations, paperwork, and documentation. When you select Starlight for your marine transportation and ship assist needs, you will receive a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on every aspect of every job. It's a full-service guarantee.

Barge List & Pictures

Barge Name Region GRT LOA Beam Built Capacity (BBLS.) Pictures Spec Sheet
Bernie Briere San Francisco 2724 241 64.5 2008 32,415

Tug List & Pictures

Tug Name Region Service Class HP Type LOA Beam Pictures Spec Sheet
Ahbra Franco San Francisco Ocean 6850 Tractor 103.75 40
Royal Melbourne San Francisco Harbor 2100 Conv. T/S 77.4 26
Z-3 San Francisco Ocean 4000 ASD Tractor 95.5 32
Z-4 San Francisco Ocean 4000 ASD Tractor 95.5 34
Z-5 San Francisco Ocean 4000 ASD Tractor 95.5 34