Harley Marine History

In early 1987, Harley Marine's Founder, Harley Franco, recognized the need for customer oriented marine transportation company in Puget sound. Mr. Franco started his business with one leased tug and barge under the name Olympic Tug & Barge, Inc. and slowly built the company by instituting, and, in some cases, pioneering quality operating, procedures and safety and environmental protection standards.

In 1992, Olympic Tug expanded its fleet to four tugs and three barges operating inside Puget Sound. At that time, it decided to obtain the most modern fleet possible by utilizing barges built after 1980. In 1994, Olympic Tug expanded again, this time to providing bunkering and lube oil services in the Columbia and Willamette Rivers outside of Portland, Oregon.

After acquiring a deck barge in 1995, Olympic Tug further expanded into dry bulk transportation and deck barge services. Also in 1995, the business received two awards: "Excellence in Customer Service" from Texaco and the Seattle Mayor's "Small Business of the Year" award.

In 1997, Olympic Tug entered into a major petroleum transportation contract with British Petroleum, which made it the largest supplier of petroleum transportation services in the Pacific Northwest. Later that year, Olympic Tug entered into a joint venture, Westoil Marine Transport (Bermuda) Ltd., with Chauvco, a large Canadian oil company, to operate three tankers in the West Africa. This joint venture was sold at a substantial profit in 1998.

In mid-1998, Harley Marine Services was formed as a holding company for acquisitions in the marine services field that the company desired to add to its ever-growing lists of services. Since then, the numbers of vessels and homeports have continued to grow. In early 1998, the Company acquired Pacific Coast Maritime, a marine services company founded in 1982 that provided tug and barge services in Alaska, Washington, and California. Also in mid-1998, Harley Marine Services purchased the assets of Links Marine,the marine transportation division of Chemoil Corporation,with three barges,two tugs and an oil spill response vessel. This company was renamed Westoil Marine Services, Inc. and primarily provides the transportation of marine fuels in Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbor.

In May 2000, Harley Marine began providing ship assist and escort services in Los Angeles and Long Beach Harbors with four state-of-the-art tractor tugs under the name Millennium Maritime, Inc.

In the fall of 1999 Pacific Northern Oil sold it's assests to Chevron's Fuel and Marine Marketing (FAMM). Pacific Terminal Services, Inc. was formed to operate the PNO terminals for FAMM. The Pier 91 terminal in Seattle was operated for several years prior to relocating to Point Wells. In June 2004 FAMM ceased operations in Washington State and PTSI consolidated to the Portland, Oregon terminal. Today, PTSI continues to operate the terminal in Portland for FAMM as we search for additonal uses for the terminal.

Harley Marine entered the San Francisco Bay Area market in April of 2003 under the name Starlight Marine Services, providing petroleum transportation, tanker escort and ship assist services. In late 2006, Harley Marine established themselves in their first east coast company, Harley Marine NY, Inc. Harley Marine NY uses some of the latest model vessels, including three double hull barges and two tugs. The most recent addition to the Harley Marine family of companies is Harley Marine Gulf, LLC. In February 2011, Harley Marine Services acquired the former MGI of Houston, Texas. This acquisition has expanded service to the American gulf and brings the company one step closer to becoming the leading provider of petroleum transportation services nationally.