Quality, Safety and Environmental Protection Policy

Guiding Principles: Safe, Responsible, Reliable, Efficient

Harley Marine companies aim to set the benchmark for quality operations by outstanding safe, responsible, reliable, and efficient performance in the marine transportation and petroleum industries. Adherence to our Quality Systems is mandatory to the success of Harley Marine companies and ensures a healthy, safe, secure, and environmentally responsible workplace for employees, customers, and contractors, as well as being responsible to our families and communities.


  • Proper training and knowledge is provided to our employees.
  • Compliance with all applicable health and safety regulations and procedures are enforced as a condition of employment.
  • Safety must come first, no matter how urgent the job.


  • Only employees, contractors, and vendors who are fully committed to safety, environmental protection, and compliance assurance are hired.
  • Personal responsibility to work safely and show concern for the health, safety, and protection of fellow coworkers, contractors, customers, communities, and the environment are conditions for employment
  • All employees are held accountable for assisting in the recognition and mitigation of workplace hazards in order to eliminate accidents and injuries.
  • Injuries, illnesses, near misses and nonconformities are investigated to effectively learn and improve.
  • Audits of our Quality Systems and processes are conducted regularly; nonconformities found are dealt with appropriately.
  • Assets will be operated and maintained in such a manner that any un-permitted release will be unacceptable. If something is released accidentally, the company will report it as required by law, clean it up, and repair the damage.


  • Employees are expected to be innovative and creative in offering customers the value they want in transportation and logistics services while protecting the environment.
  • Harley Marine companies will strive to be associated with superior environmental performance as seen through the eyes of employees, customers, regulators, and the public.
  • Services will be delivered on time.


  • Equipment, facilities and processes will be designed, constructed, operated, and maintained with the goal of eliminating wasteful practices.
  • Management will proactively work with legislators, regulators, and other to develop and advance effective approaches to safety and environmental protection.
  • Management will listen to employees, customers, neighbors, and regulators to continuously improve their operations.