Harley Marine Services is committed to provide reliable, quality service in a manner that protects the safety of our employees, our customers, and the general public, as well as preserving the environment. We strive to employ the most qualified, competent and safety minded individuals in the industry. Our training requirements and programs are intended to induce a spirit of professionalism in all of our employees.

From Captains with many years of experience, to new mariners just starting their careers, we urge our crews to continuously work towards a level of excellence. In order to maintain this level of expertise we have training programs that meet or exceed USCG, IMO, and OSHA regulations. All vessel personnel must meet licensing and USCG certification requirements prior to assuming their positions. All of our Captains hold USCG Licenses that meet or exceed the required tonnage levels for the vessels we operate. Our engineers and deckhands are all required to hold Merchant Mariners Documents. Our Tankermen hold USCG PIC Licenses and undergo rigorous training in all aspects of their jobs including cargo loading and discharge operations, fire fighting and prevention, safety practices, and environmental protection.

All full time employees aboard our vessels are trained to levels that meet or exceed requirements from government agencies that regulate oil spill emergency response. Our management teams participate in ongoing Incident Command Training. Many of our personnel are trained in First Aid/CPR, STCW Basic Safety Training, Oil Spill Prevention and Emergency Response, Marine Fire Fighting, Advanced Radar Navigation Safety, Bridge Resource Management, Confined Space Safety, and more.

Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly ongoing safety meetings, emergency drills and training takes place aboard every vessel and in every port. Our crews are recognized as some of the safest and best trained in the maritime industry, and we are proud of them. We believe that well trained personnel are the key to our ongoing success, and we will continue to evaluate and strengthen our training programs to continuously improve our commitment to them and our service to our customers.