Harley Marine companies aim to set the benchmark for quality operations by outstanding safe, responsible, reliable, and efficient performance in the marine transportation and petroleum industries. Adherence to our Quality Systems is mandatory to the success of Harley Marine companies and ensures a healthy, safe, secure, and environmentally responsible workplace for employees, customers, and contractors as well as being responsible to our families and communities.

Harley Marine Services provides quality marine services in every major West Coast port, New York and American Gulf. We have established long-term relationships with a large customer base of some of the largest oil companies and shipping lines in the world by delivering outstanding service in a timely, safe, and cost-effective manner.

Petroleum Services

Harley Marine Services transports petroleum products for all of the major oil companies. These services consist of moving product from one terminal (including refineries, offshore platforms, and storage facilities) to another, providing marine fuel to ships in port, and temporarily removing marine fuel from ships just outside of port (lightering).


Tank Storage

Harley Marine Services stores petroleum products for all of the major oil companies. Our storage services are comprised of a marine petroleum terminal that is operated for an oil company. The terminal is involved in receiving, storing, blending, and shipping marine fuels and lubricants.

Ship Assist & Escort

Harley Marine Services provides 24 hour ship assist and tanker escort services to shipping lines that call into U.S. ports. Our tugs primarily provide assistance to large tankers, container, and bulk ships as they enter and depart from the harbors.


Rescue & General Towing

Harley Marine Services utilizes its deck barges and tugs to provide coastwise and harbor tows for general cargo, containers, equipment, gravel, sand, and cement. Local tugs are also capable of performing emergency and rescue tows to vessels.